Ukrposhta continues international postal operation

Ukraine’s postal operator Ukrposhta is still operating even with the problems of the Russian Army invading the country.

One of the reasonably obvious upshots is that the postal operator is not delivering or sending mail and parcels to Belarus and Russia. At the same time, all shipments to Warsaw for onward posting to other countries are being sent by land transport – Ukrposhta is not sending mail by air direct to most other countries.The exception however is for mail to the US, with weekly direct flights to New York and return flights coming in with humanitarian supplies.

Igor Smilyansky, general director of Ukrposhta, said, “We have found an opportunity to support thousands of Ukrainian entrepreneurs so that they do not lose their jobs and can deliver their goods to global trading platforms, including Amazon and Etsy. As these marketplaces joined the sanctions against Russia and blocked Russian sellers, I think it is right to take advantage of the situation to Ukrainian entrepreneurs and offer their goods to the world.

“In addition, a charter en route from the USA to Ukraine will carry humanitarian aid from the international community. These are food, medical supplies. Up to 40 tons of humanitarian aid can be loaded per flight. We call on foundations and organizations to help with funds for sending humanitarian goods to our country. Ukraine needs your support.”

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