ULEZ expansion goes to consultation

As part of his Healthy Streets programme, Sadiq Khan has proposed the expansion of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) up to the North and South Circular roads for all vehicles on the road as of October 2021. This has gone to consultation among the public.

Under the proposals, the ULEZ standards will be applied across London for buses, coaches and trucks from the 26th October 2020 and for cars, vans and motorcycles up to the North and South Circular roads as of the 25th October 2021.

“I am determined to take the bold action needed to protect the public from London’s poisonous, deadly air,” said Khan. “I can’t ignore the shameful fact that London’s air is so toxic it harms children’s lungs, exacerbates chronic illness and contributes to thousands of premature deaths each year.

“Following the successful introduction of the T-Charge, and confirmation of the central London ULEZ, I am moving ahead with the next stage of my plan to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone up to the busy north and south circular roads.

“I want Londoners to let me know what they think about my plans to clean up our lethal air.”
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