ULEZ in London to start in 2019

The London Ultra-Low Emissions Charge Zone (ULEZ) is to come into operation on the 8th April 2019. It will cover the central London area and will replace the newly introduced T-Charge.

Vehicles in the ULEZ will be affected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be two charge levels – £100 a day for heavy lorries, buses and coaches, while vans, cars and motorbikes will be charged £12.50 a day.

The new charges will be on top of the Congestion Charge (C-Charge) so older, dirtier cars and vans will pay £24 a day while lorries will pay £111.50 a day during C-Charge hours.

TfL say that they expect the ULEZ will affect up to 60,000 vehicles per day, by comparison to the 6,500 that are currently affected by the T-Charge.

The ULEZ charges will affect all vehicles that do not have Euro 6 standard diesel engines and petrol engines that do not meet the Euro 4 standard.

What this means is that a car four years old or less will meet the requirement in 2019 when the new standards come into force.

It is hoped that the ULEZ will reduce vehicle emissions by 20% in 2019 as a result of the introduction of the ULEZ:

– NOx emissions from HGVs are expected to reduce by nearly 50 per cent.

– Coach and non-TfL bus emissions will reduce by more than a third.

– Emissions from cars and vans are expected to reduce by eight and 12 per cent respectively.

The ULEZ benefits should be even greater by 2020 with an estimated 45 per cent reduction in road transport emissions.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “I am pleased to confirm that from 8th April 2019 – 17 months earlier than planned – stricter standards for diesel vehicles will apply 24/7 across central London. This builds on the success of the T-Charge and is part of my comprehensive plan to clean London’s air.”
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