UNFI announces independent grocery store partnership with DoorDash

Through United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI), DoorDash is to offer grocery delivery to US customers from independent grocery stores.

The deal will mean that UNFI will be able to expand its end-to-end logistics of groceries to include online purchases of its clients’ goods. Customers will buy the items through the DoorDash website and app with no minimum order size or time slot required.

“Our relationship with DoorDash will make it easier for independent retailers to offer online grocery ordering and delivery. We know demand for this functionality continues to be very strong, and to remain competitive retailers need solutions that offer simple installation and avoid extra labor costs,” says Matt Whitney, UNFI’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer. “As the leading last-mile logistics company, DoorDash already has the extensive logistics network in place for grocers to leverage.”

The aim of the partnership is to help independent grocery retailers grow their business, attract new customers and better service their existing customer base. DoorDash will in turn have greater reach to a wider delivery area where large chains don’t currently reach.

“We are excited to work with UNFI to empower local grocers to build an e-commerce and delivery offering that will give customers access to robust local grocery selection on the DoorDash app,” said Fuad Hannon, Vice President of New Verticals at DoorDash. “We are proud to play a part in helping local grocers grow their businesses and helping consumers access convenient, on-demand grocery delivery from their local neighbourhoods.”

UNFI is the US largest grocery wholesaler, and with the partnership will now be able to offer its clients’ customers a whole store delivery operation.