Union calls on Canada Post cuts to halt

With the newly elected Liberal government taking the reins having campaigned heavily on stopping the cuts to the Canada Post home delivery services, the CUPW postal workers union has called on the postal service to halt the next phase of its cuts.

A number of neighbourhoods were going to lose their home delivery service of mail to community group mailboxes on the day of the election with more communities due to get the same service in the short term.

The Liberal Party’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised to prevent such rationalisation of the national postal service taking place as he campaigned for election. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers called on Canada Post to make an ‘immediate halt’ to the rationalisation until Trudeau takes the reins of government, saying that this was a Conservative Party policy.

Mike Palecek, national president of the CUPW said of the rationalisation, “We need to stop the cuts before more jobs are lost, before more damage is done to property and before more people lose this service.”

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