UPN Moves to SmartHUB

The United Pallet Network (UPN) has been full operations at the purpose built SmartHUB central sorting facility.

The site construction and fit-out was completed on 11th May, despite the problems associated with lockdown. The UPN SmartHUB provides a new level of service support to the network’s 90 members.

The operation is supported by a cross-network SmartHUB IT system that provides all members with significantly improved support. David Brown, UPN Managing Director commented: “Our new SmartHUB is a massive step forward for all of us at UPN.

“So far £3,000,000 has been invested in establishing a facility that meets the exact requirements of our central operation and gives extensive capacity for business growth for all of us over the next decade and beyond.”

The UPN SmartHUB is just half a mile from UPN’s old hub and the distances involved enabled minimal disruption during the final move between the two sites for UPN staff and the network’s member hauliers.