UPS adds 200 air cargo flights to meet demand

To support the US FEMA Project Airbridge, UPS has added more than 200 company-owned and chartered air freighter flights in April.

The federal government sponsored Project Airbridge is a public-private partnership that aims to get vital life-saving equipment to where it is required with greater speed. The flights UPS has added meet the soaring demand for test-kits, PPE and other supplies required for the global response effort.

“With our scale and flexible global network, we are in a unique position to handle Coronavirus response shipments for FEMA and healthcare customers,” said David Abney, UPS Chairman and CEO. “In these uncertain times, our customers depend on us more than ever. Our employees are keeping America moving and meeting the urgent needs created by the pandemic. We will continue to serve and do our part to lead in the fight against COVID-19.”

Most of the flights are carrying products from Asia to the US and Europe.