UPS and HubBox enable delivery flexibility

UPS Access Points will now be visible to customers in the US and Europe in the checkout process thanks to a partnership between the logistics giant and HubBox.

HubBox has developed an application where retailers can incorporate a Ship to UPS Access Point location service into their website, offering a convenient alternative to home delivery. HubBox can also connect to client retailers’ label printing solutions to streamline the label printing process. This supports smaller and medium businesses that lack the IT resources or in-house capabilities to develop those resources.

Through HubBox, U.S. retailers can offer consumers the option to ship to more than 21,000 UPS Access Point locations in the U.S. and more than 17,000 UPS Access Point locations in Europe.

“This is yet another example of how UPS is delivering solutions to businesses that want to stand out in the competitive retail landscape, while at the same time creating options and improving convenience for consumers,” said Bill Smith, Vice President of Global Product Innovation at UPS.

“HubBox’s click-and-collect solution can integrate seamlessly into a retailer’s website and make it easy for customers in the U.S. and Europe to ship to the best UPS Access Point location that fits their busy schedules.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with UPS to make the convenience of picking up packages at a UPS Access Point location even easier,” said Sam Jarvis, Founder and CEO at HubBox.

“Combining our specialised software with UPS’s unrivalled transportation and logistics network means that e-tailers of all sizes can employ an easy and convenient local pickup solution offering speed, safety and simplicity.”


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