UPS Brown Friday hiring stress this Friday

Friday 30th October is UPS’ annual Brown Friday where they will hire more than 50,000 US temporary staff for the coming peak season.

Brown Friday is a tradition at UPS that stretches back many years. Many of its senior executives joined as warehouse personnel and drivers through Christmas period seasonal work. It will be different this year owing to the pandemic – there will be 250 virtual and in-person hiring fairs where thousands of new staff will be hired on the spot.

Worldwide, UPS is taking on 100,000 seasonal workers for what is set to be the busiest peak season on record. “UPS Brown Friday has become an annual tradition,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Charlene Thomas. “For tens of thousands of Americans, it’s an opportunity to land one of the country’s best seasonal jobs, with the potential to turn into a career. Many of those who attend one of our job fairs this Friday will be hired by Monday, and many of those hired will be offered permanent jobs when the holidays are over.”