UPS Camden workers to walk out

Some 140 staff at the UPS Camden depot have voted to go on strike over alleged bullying, harassment and racism. The staff at the depot are to go on strike for 24 hours between Wednesday 7th December and Friday 9th December.

The workers’ union Unite, has said that the UPS workers are “forced to work overtime so they can finish their deliveries”, and that if they refuse or fail to finish the deliveries, they are disciplined. This has caused some tension at the depot.

In response to the proposed strike action, a UPS spokesperson said:

“UPS has been informed that UNITE intends to call industrial action for two days at UPS’s facility in Camden on the 7th and 9th December. Operational contingency plans have been put in place in order to ensure that any disruption to our service will be minimal, should the action occur.

“Discussions with UNITE are currently on-going under the oversight of Acas, and we remain hopeful that a mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached.

“People are our greatest resource, and UPS works closely with labour unions around the world.  It is UPS’s policy to comply with all laws governing employment and labour practices worldwide, and UPS is careful to take into account the point-of-view of unions along with the interests of our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our company as a whole.”

There is a lot of pressure at delivery company depots times but good management can prevent tensions from boiling over. It is clear that employer / staff relations have taken a dip here.

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