UPS – driver training centre opened

A new driver training facility has been opened by UPS in Burton-upon-Trent that can train up to 1000 drivers a year.

The facility is called Integrad, and is named after the training method developed by UPS. The driver training will focus on safe driving and service methods. It includes a mixture of 3-D computer simulations, webcast learning modules as well as traditional classroom instruction.

UPS developed the Integrad training method in 20005, after receiving a $1.8 million grant from the US government to study how young people learn in the modern, digital world.

As well as driver training, there will be ‘train the trainer’ classes for driving instructors.

The UPS curriculum is designed to teach the same methods used by the UPS Circle of Honor members. These are an elite group of more than 9000 active UPS drivers that have not experienced an avoidable accident for 25 years or more.

Luis Arriaga, president UK, Ireland & Nordics at UPS, said: “Our drivers’ skill and dedication sets us apart in the market, attracts new customers and allows our operations to run smoothly. We’ll continue to invest in the UK workforce to meet growing volume and customer demand.”

The investment is there for a reason – UPS is currently has 60 operating facilities with a fleet of 2,200 vehicles in the UK and is planning to open a giant sorting and distribution facility at the DP World London Gateway later this year.

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