UPS – earlier delivery times in Poland

United Parcel Service (UPS) has announced that it has introduced earlier express delivery times to more than 25,000 postal codes in Poland.

Beginning immediately, UPS Express shipments will be delivered before 1030 am in 18,282 postal codes in Poland (90 minutes earlier than happened previously). In addition, a further 10,142 postal codes will be eligible for the UPS Express Saver service that offers delivery before noon (this is up to four hours earlier than before). Finally, an additional 11,805 Postal codes in Poland will receive their UPS Express Saver packages before 1400, an improvement on the end of day delivery commitment that was in operation before.

“These earlier delivery times allow our customers to serve their consumers  better, receiving their packages up to four hours earlier than before,” said Pavel Adamovsky, country manager, UPS Poland.

Nando Cesarone, President, UPS Europe, added: “UPS is working hard to help Polish companies better serve their customers.

“This improvement to our UPS Express Service and our improvement to UPS Standard service from Poland to Germany and Austria announced in June are part of an investment that helps our customers ship more efficiently.”

As Poland’s economy accelerates with its time in the EU and access to its markets, so businesses in the country have greater demands from delivery companies. UPS will improve its competitive position in improving such offerings, and other companies in the industry may soon follow suit.
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