UPS expects 60% volume increase in peak

Thanks to careful forecasting with hundreds of customers, UPS has estimated that it is set to see a 5% uplift in parcel volumes in the coming peak season against its previous record set last year.

There is roughly a 50/50 split in its parcel volumes – 50% is between business customers (B2B) and the other half is serving the roughly 90% major US online retailers.

“This holiday season, we’ve prepared like never before,” said UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, David Abney. “UPS has invested billions in our facilities, our air fleet and our workforce.  We have the capacity for, and are committed to, serving the unique needs of all our customers.  To our customers, I simply say: We’re ready, Let’s go!  You can count on us to help you make the holiday season successful.”

In the coming Christmas peak season, UPS forecasts that it is set to deliver an average of 32 million parcels and documents a day, a 60% increase on its daily average of 20 million daily outside the peak season.

To meet this demand UPS has hired 100,000 seasonal employees, and added some 400,000 pieces per hour of sorting capacity.

“We have the right strategies in place to help our customers make the most of the holiday season, with extensive forecasting, expanded ground and air capacity, effective onboarding to bring an army of seasonal employees up to speed, and the products and services that help all our customers meet high expectations this time of year,” Abney said.  “We look forward to another successful peak season.”


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