UPS extends Access Point locker network

Delivery company UPS is to extend its smart locker programme in the US from nine existing locations in Chicago to 300 nationwide. Called UPS Access Point lockers, they will usually be installed outside of convenience stores and other locations, and will usually be installed outside and be accessible 24 hours a day.

“For online retailers, providing additional convenient delivery locations is one of the secrets to more shopping cart conversions, greater loyalty and happier customers,” said Kalin Robinson, director of the UPS Access Point locker program. “UPS Access Point lockers can be easily accessed when it fits the shopper’s schedule, giving an online retailer added value to present at checkout.”

The delivery company is working with 7-Eleven and a number of ‘independently owned and operated retailers’ to offer the programme in a number of select areas across the lower 48 states.

The staggered rollout began in June and initially will be available in Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington State. UPS then plans to install lockers in California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Texas.

UPS currently has over 8000 UPS Access Point locations at local businesses across the US, and the new automated lockers will be in addition to these locations. The Access Points are mainly at neighbourhood convenience and grocery stores as well as dry cleaners and delicatessens and The UPS Store sites offering extended evening and weekend hours. UPS has over 24,000 UPS Access Points worldwide.

In terms of the 270 million or so US population, 8800 Access Points is not that dense an offering. This should increase as time goes on so more and more people will have access to this service.