UPS extends China-EU rail freight service

International logistics firm UPS has added six stations to the company’s preferred full and less-than-container-load (FCL and LCL) rail service between China and Europe.

At the Chinese end of the route, Changsha, Chongqing, Suzhou and Wuhan were added to the existing stations of Zhengzhou and Chengdu.

On the European side, Duisburg and Warsaw have been added to the existing stops of Lodz and Hamburg.

“Our China-Europe rail services can save customers up to 65% versus air freight and improve time-in-transit by 40% versus traditional ocean freight service,” said Cindy Miller, president of UPS Global Freight Forwarding. “By giving our customers more options to balance cost and speed of delivery, UPS is committed to helping businesses in China and Europe succeed and expand.”

The four new Chinese stations were chosen for their proximity to provincial industrial manufacturing, commercial and cultural centres.

In Europe, Duisburg is in the heart of the industrial Ruhr area of Germany and provides access to river, rail, road and air transport. With Warsaw and Lodz, the rail service now has two stops in Poland – that UPS  says is a “growing economy and “a centre for e-commerce fulfilment, research & development and industrial manufacturing”.

The trans Asia rail service has been operating for quite a few years. Customers in Spain, France, Germany and Poland have been able to take a rail freight service instead of air freight or by sea at a lower cost than air but higher speed than sea. Where there are issues such as temperature control (temperatures can go to +50C in summer and -30C in winter) these are being ironed out. As a result more and more customers are opting for the rail freight choice as a useful third option. That UPS has jumped aboard suggests this mode of intercontinental freight transport as a good future.

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