UPS Foundation supports vaccine rollout to developing countries

UPS is to help supply 20 million vaccines to countries around the world without sufficient access to vaccines, in collaboration with COVAX, Gavi and CARE.

“We believe that we have the ability – and responsibility – to facilitate and accelerate equitable COVID-19 vaccine delivery around the world,” said Scott Price, President UPS International. “UPS continues to build and inspire action across a network of global public-private partnerships that will ensure vaccines move more efficiently and equitably. Our work focuses on countries with limited resources and constrained supply chains and infrastructures. The goal is simple and our commitment is unwavering – moving our world forward by delivering what matters.”

Currently the global vaccination rate is around six million doses a day, leading experts to calculate it will take around 5.4 years to vaccinate three quarters of the world’s population with a two dose vaccine. UPS Healthcare and the UPS Foundation are playing a role in trying to speed this process up.

UPS Foundation will:

– Provide transportation solutions that leverage UPS cold-chain technology
– Dedicate ultra-low temperature freezer donations necessary to maintain vaccine dose viability at the correct temperature in varying environments
– Commit UPS loaned executives to provide logistics expertise and coordination with vaccine manufacturers and NGO partners to manage and streamline deliveries

According to UPS, “This initial level of support from The UPS Foundation is more than $3 million in contributions to our global partners. This capacity building effort is made up of a $2 million grant directed to Gavi who is matching the grant to bring it to $4 million. With the addition of $1 million of in-kind support, The UPS Foundation is providing transportation, donating cold-chain capacity in the form of freezers and lending technical expertise to partners in need.

This comprehensive level of support amounts to more than $5 million in support of equitable vaccine distribution and health systems strengthening efforts across Gavi-supported countries.”

“With supply limited for the foreseeable future, COVID-19 vaccines are arguably the world’s most precious commodity this year,” said Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi. “With every dose being so important, it is critical to ensure that our partner countries have the necessary support and tools to deliver vaccines effectively and efficiently to those who need them. This new support builds on the long-standing partnership between Gavi and the UPS Foundation, which is focused on ensuring that every child in Gavi-supported countries receives lifesaving vaccines.”

“We are interdependent as a global community — no one is safe until everyone is safe”, said Nikki Clifton, President of The UPS Foundation. “Now is the time to link our arms around the world. Now is the time to deliver vaccines – and hope – to everyone, regardless of wealth or location.”

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