UPS hopeful for a good trade deal between UK and US

UPS has released a statement saying it looks forward to the start of US-UK trade negotiations and hopes for an ambitious and high-standard trade agreement from it.

“UPS believes that a UK-U.S. trade agreement would boost economic growth and promote job creation, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses,” said Mark Vale, Managing Director of UPS in the UK. “Aligning UK-U.S. customs procedures, and simplifying the administrative processes associated with trading across borders, will broaden the business horizons of many of the smaller companies with whom we work every day.”

“These negotiations are coming at a critical time when we need to be taking steps to stimulate both of our countries’ economic recoveries in a post COVID-19 world,” said Laura Lane, President of UPS Global Public Affairs. “Given the U.S. and UK’s leadership roles in setting high-standard terms for trade, the negotiation of this agreement represents an important opportunity to set economy-leading, 21st century rules for services, custom modernisation and e-commerce.”

It is widely recognised that UPS alone moves 3% of the world’s GDP through its express and logistics operations. As such the company is a global supporter of free-trade thanks to these interests.