UPS – Industrial buyers want faster delivery

United Parcel Service (UPS) has published research that shows that industrial buyers now expect very fast delivery wherever possible.

Commenting on the delivery-focused findings of its 2017 Industrial Buying Dynamics Study , UPS said: “Two in five buyers say they need same-day delivery for at least a quarter of their industrial orders, and 60% say they typically need delivery for all orders within 48 hours or less.”

The headline news from the survey, was that online commerce is continuing to disrupt industrial buying.

Kiel Harkness, marketing manager, UPS UK, elaborated: “The story of industrial buying in 2017 is a story of disruption: direct and online models of commerce are supplanting old established buyer-distributor relationships.

“Whether it is buying direct-from-manufacturers or e-marketplaces, the traditional intermediary is under pressure everywhere – and online information and transaction capability are the great drivers of this change.”
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