UPS launches Cold Chain Solutions brand

UPS is establishing a specific UPS Cold Chain Solutions brand that will offer an end-to-end suite of cold chain technologies and specially expanded global facilities that aim to meet the need of cold chain pharmaceuticals.

“Our customers have been taking advantage of our cold chain capabilities for years but the pandemic caused UPS to move even faster to enhance an integrated set of cold chain solutions to support the future of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry,” said Wes Wheeler, UPS Healthcare president. “UPS’s near-perfect, on-time delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine proves how effectively and efficiently our network handles biologically derived drugs, even at extreme temperatures.”

“The future of the healthcare and specialty pharmaceutical industries will increasingly rely on robust cold chain networks to safely deliver temperature-controlled drugs and therapies to customers,” added Kate Gutmann, UPS chief sales and solutions officer and SVP, UPS Global Healthcare. “The continued evolution of our cold chain offerings ensures UPS is ready for the future and can continue to provide long-term value for our healthcare customers.”

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