UPS – new CO facility and upgraded trucks

Logistics giant UPS has opened a new package distribution facility and is upgrading its Class 8 tractors for its trucks.

First of all, UPS is building a new, 360,000 square foot parcel distribution centre in Aurora, CO. The firm says that a ‘portion’ of the building that is just outside of Denver, is set to begin operating this year ahead of the coming peak season.

“The Aurora facility is part of the strategic investments UPS is making to better service our customers and enhance its efficiency and processing capability,” said Kenneth Cherry, president of the UPS Desert Mountain district that includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

The UPS statement added: “The $90 million project joins a multi-year investment plan to expand and modernize UPS’s global logistics network. From early 2016 through September 2017, UPS announced plans to construct nine new U.S. facilities that will add more than 6.2 million square feet of facility space for increasing package processing capacity.”

In other UPS news, the firm has announced that all of its new Class 8 tractors for its US juggernauts are to have advanced anti-collision systems built in to them. The systems in question include a range of warnings for the driver, to include lane departure and that it is coming up on an object that is not moving, but also has automated braking as part of the package so even if the warnings aren’t taken aboard the vehicle should bring itself to a stop and hopefully avoid head on collisions…

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