UPS new technology for temp staff

As UPS announces it needs 95,000 seasonal workers worldwide for the 2017 peak season, the global logistics giant has revealed it is using two new technologies that will help speed up their training.

The UPS Mobile Delivery App has been upgraded that the new seasonal workers will install on their smartphones. The app features most of the functionality that permanent UPS workers use on their handheld Delivery Information Acquisition Devices (DIADs).

The other technology that is available to the UPS temporary staff is something called Dynamic Sort Instruction. This uses Bluetooth audio to tell workers in sorting facilities where to route the packages they are dealing with. The staff in question carry a device that is close to the size of a smartphone connected to earbuds that receive processing instructions as the staff scan packages. The Dynamic Sort Instruction technology gets round the problem of workers needing to memorise several hundred postal codes and other service level details that their permanent UPS staff will know already, enabling them to keep pace with existing staff.  
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