UPS offers rewards for PUDO deliveries

US UPS customers who choose alternative delivery sites such as parcel boxes and pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) points during the coming peak season will be offered rewards worth up to $35.

The offer is in part to promote the UPS Access Point network, which has around 15,000 PUDO locations at sites including the UPS Store network, the Michaels convenience store network and local businesses signed up to the service across the US. Even without the incentive these options are available at no extra cost.

To get the reward, customers must be enrolled in the UPS My Choice scheme and use the app. This is a system to help people manage their deliveries. Points will be offered where members log in and select the most convenient UPS Access Point location as the preferred alternate delivery location.

“UPS understands that busy consumers increasingly need choice, control and convenience in the delivery process, especially during the holiday season,” said Kevin Warren, UPS’s chief marketing officer. “With the expanded UPS Access Point network, they get that, as well as the added bonus of not having to worry about package security, missed deliveries or hiding presents until the right time.”

The offer is open until January 12th next year. The rewards compose of up to $15 redeemable for a Target eGiftCard as well as up to six free months of the UPS MyChoice Premium service that is worth $20 and offers upgraded delivery options.

For UPS this is a win/win with missed deliveries costing the company a lot of money – PUDO points save on having to return to the delivery address. In offering the free UPS MyChoice Premium service so the company will retain extra customers on the offer, generating extra income.


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