UPS on Brown Friday seasonal hiring spree

US logistics giant UPS has announced it is attempting to hire at least 60,000 seasonal employees in the USA through its annual Brown Friday event.

The annual UPS Brown Friday event takes place around a month before Black Friday and Cyber Monday which will kick off the peak delivery season there. It includes more than 400 hiring events as well as virtual events across 1,200 locations.

“UPS Brown Friday has become an annual tradition,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Darrell Ford. “For tens of thousands of Americans, it’s an opportunity to land one of the country’s best seasonal jobs, with the potential to turn into a career. Many of those who attend one of our job fairs through Saturday will be hired by Monday, and many of those hired will be offered permanent jobs when the holidays are over.”

UPS looks after its seasonal workers. Around a third of those with permanent contracts – and even some in senior executive roles – started as seasonal package handlers and drivers. Around a third of those taken on for seasonal roles are offered permanent jobs.

In addition, UPS is offering sweeteners to join the company including a contribution to college fees for students and a $200 bounty to current employees for every eligible employee referral they submit.

Unlike many years before there is a labour shortage in the US, and this has impacted many businesses’ abilities to attract seasonal or permanent workers. With all the major regional and national logistics players looking for hundreds of thousands of seasonal staff between them it remains to be seen whether hiring targets will be met. If they don’t, expect news of backlogs in deliveries.