UPS orders 6,000 CNG trucks

UPS has signalled its direction with regard reducing CO2 emissions by ordering more than 6,000 natural gas fuelled trucks beginning in 2020 and on to 2022. 

The $450 million investment will be in compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling systems and infrastructure, but will also allow for the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) in the near future.

“UPS continues to expand and improve our smart logistics network by implementing new technologies and creating a highly flexible, data-driven, and sustainable network,” said Juan Perez, chief information and engineering officer, UPS. “That is why we intend for 25 percent of our vehicles purchased in 2020 to run on alternative fuels.”

RNG (sometimes known as ‘biogas’) can be used on CNG vehicles interchangeably, and can account for up to 90% reductions in CO2e emissions compared to fossil fuel diesel. UPS has agreed to purchase up to 230 million gallon equivalents of RNG in the next seven years, making the logistics player the biggest user of RNG in the sector.


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