UPS plays role in US Project Airbridge

UPS is managing 25 flights that are to deliver more than 1,360 tonnes of coronavirus personal protective equipment that are in high demand in the US healthcare system.

The effort by UPS is part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Project Airbridge programme that is working in concert with other countries and private businesses to support US hospitals.

Referring to Project Airbridge, President Donald Trump said, “FEMA is working with these companies to launch Project Airbridge to expedite the movement of critical supplies from other countries to the United States.”

“UPS Healthcare, and our full portfolio of services, is providing a suite of highly-choreographed logistics solutions in support of Project Airbridge,” said UPS Chairman and CEO, David Abney. “In addition to managing and brokering air freight flights, UPS is ramping up around-the-clock operations to provide receipt of PPE and kitting for distribution to hospitals and hot spots around the country. We are bringing the full power of our integrated global logistics network to bear to assist FEMA in the pandemic fight.”

The first charter flights are in operation and will continue for at least the next two weeks.