UPS to extend reach into China

According to Chinese national newspaper China Daily, UPS is moving toward working into more second and third tier Chinese cities, reflecting the country’s change in industrial output.

The global parcel firm has opened 13 new centres in China, including Guangdong, Jiansu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Chonqing. It is expected to open new facilities in a number of other cities in China soon.

China’s industrial output is moving toward higher skilled, higher value output that require global connectivity and innovation.

As the market morphs, so companies are becoming more customer focused, requiring more collaborative partnerships and logistics support. This in turn presents a greater market for the movement of goods between the country’s cities.

Customers of UPS new centres will be able to access the full range of UPS expertise and services, with its global network, customs expertise and management expertise. Delivery times should be shortened by up to two days.