UPS to run Brown Friday recruitment campaign

UPS is running a ‘UPS Brown Friday’ seasonal staff recruitment campaign where it aims to take on 50,000 temporary staff.

Last month the international logistics company announced plans to hire 100,000 seasonal staff and the Brown Friday campaign is part of that. There are to be 185 recruitment fairs across the US on Monday 1 November where the company is to hire thousands of candidates on the spot.

“Just about everyone has heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but for anyone looking for a great seasonal job this holiday season, give yourself the gift of a career with UPS,” said  Danelle McCusker, Vice President, Human Resources. “Many of those who come to one of our job fairs this Friday could be signed up for a seasonal role by Monday, and many of our senior execs, including me, began their careers here with a seasonal job.”

Getting a seasonal post at UPS, whether as a driver, package handler or driver-helper for example, has long been a route into a long term position at the company, with many current senior management including CEO David Abney having entered the company in this way.


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