UPS trialling FCEV delivery vans with US government

UPS is participating in a fuel cell electric vehicle delivery van trial in conjunction with the US government. With the support of the US Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), US manufacturers Linamar Corporation is providing the vans for in-revenue fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) delivery van trials in California.

The project is the CTE’s Next Generation Fuel Cell Delivery Van Deployment Project for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that is looking into accelerate clean freight transportation technology. Linamar is working with Roush CleanTech and Ballard Power Systems who between the three companies have designed and built the vans being tested by UPS.

“The strength of CTE’s project lies in its team member experience with advanced vehicle manufacturing, utilisation of proven, off-the-shelf components, participation of UPS as the fleet operator and deployment partner, and the propulsion system’s commercialisation potential,” said Dan Raudebaugh, executive director of CTE, a non-profit, Atlanta-based organisation that develops, promotes and implements advanced transportation technologies.

Roush CleanTech is supplying the overall vehicle and system design, integration, build and commissioning for the fuel cell electric vehicles. “Roush’s expertise in clean mobility solutions is supported by decades of engineering, vehicle controls and integration experience with many of the major OEMs. Combine that with the fact that we have deployed more than 37,000 Ford medium-duty trucks and Blue Bird school buses featuring advanced technologies, such as propane autogas, and it provides fleets with a comfort level in transitioning away from traditional fuels like diesel,” said Todd Mouw, president of Roush. “Our customers have accumulated well over one billion road miles, so we understand how to engineer, sell, service and support our customers through the complete asset lifecycle.”