UPS uses APCOA car parks as micro-delivery hubs

Global parcel carriers UPS and international car park operators APCOA have entered into a partnership where UPS vans will use APCOA car parks as urban micro-delivery hubs.

The programme was trialled in Ireland with UPS vans using its car parks as micro-hubs. E-cargo-bikes and walking couriers do the ‘final yard’ delivery, reducing congestion and pollution in the delivery chain. The programme has been extended to Germany and now the scheme operates in Dublin, Hamburg and Cologne.

The APCOA Urban Hubs programme exploits existing multi-storey car park capacity in those cities to benefit urban logistics companies. E-cargo-bikes not being held up by traffic due to their size, this in turn speeds up delivery of UPS’s parcels.

“By joining forces with UPS, we are expanding our URBAN HUBS network, which provides the infrastructure for a wide range of sustainable urban services”, says Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group. “By deploying our parking areas as transshipment hubs, we are providing the requisite infrastructure for environmentally-friendly logistics. As a result, we are making a valuable contribution to climate change mitigation and taking another significant step towards becoming the car park of the future”.

Under the agreement UPS vans unload containers into designated car parking spaces and these in turn are used to load and re-load e-cargo-bikes for delivery to the customer. Charging points are available for the e-cargo-bikes, that are parked in those car parks overnight.