UPS using Camden depot to test large scale EV use

UPS Camden depot is to be home to the international delivery company’s London fleet of electric delivery vehicles. UPS is to increase the number of electric vehicles from 50 to 70 there.

The plan is for UPS to operate 15 EV delivery vehicles from the site. It was given £3 million funding from the government innovation agency Innovate UK to help improve London’s air quality.

The Camden depot is to be used as a large scale testbed for reducing the costs of charging delivery EVs. UK Power Networks is working with UPS to look at how to bring down the costs of the significant upgrades that are needed to add capacity to its existing power supply.

“UPS has a long heritage of deploying more sustainable alternative fuels and advanced technology – reducing its carbon footprint and progressing its green strategy,” says Peter Harris, director of sustainability, UPS Europe. “Electric vehicles are a major component within our alternative fuel fleet and this partnership with UK Power Networks has the potential to transform the way we charge our electric vehicles in London. If successful, it will almost certainly be a key enabler for UPS to electrify its other fleets in the UK and beyond.

Tobi Babalola of the UK Power Networks innovation team said: “This project is going to lead the way for improving London’s air quality by helping to get more low emission vehicles onto our roads at lower cost. It will deliver insights that will inform the entire electricity industry at a key moment for electric vehicle technology.”
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