UPU highlights its cyberattack mitigation systems

With cyber crime a major problem for the world’s postal operators, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) has highlighted a series of internet security measures it offers to support its member organisations.

Though not a member of the UPU, the UK delivery company Yodel had its operations impacted by a cyberattack earlier this week. This is a reasonably common event across postal operations as they can be targets of state attacks thanks to their role in communications.

The Identity Theft Resource Centre (ITRC) showed that in Q1 of 2022, data theft hit record highs, with 90% of data breaches from cyberattacks. This is the third successive year of such increases.

Among postal operators to be hit this year was was rather unsurprisingly Ukraine’s Ukrposhta but New Zealand Post, Hellenic Post, Bulgarian Post and Correios Brazil have been affected too.

One of the solutions launched by the UPU has been the .POST top level domain that provides a secure and trusted internet space to serve the need of the global postal community. As well as this, in May, the .POST governance group launched the cybertrack.post real-time monitoring system that according to the UPU, “provides real-time monitoring of .POST domains’ technical compliance with approved cybersecurity policies covering DNSSEC, secure e-mail authentication and secure online transactions.”

Tracy Hackshaw, .POST Projects Manager, who worked with the .POST Group to launch the new tool, said, “The tool is highly intuitive and requires minimal setup. Experience has shown that, even for high-level, executive, non-technical users, the onboarding process is done in minutes. All .POST domains are automatically added to the list of domains monitored in real-time by cybertrack.post.” 

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