UPU launches Post4Health vaccine distribution support system

The Universal Postal Union has launched Post4Health, a facility designed to support postal operators in getting the right cold-chain equipment in place to supply COVID-19 vaccines to communities across the world. It will also support in pandemic awareness, outreach and advocacy campaigns.

The UPU’s Post4Health is to leverage the global postal network of 192 countries that includes 650,000 postal facilities and the more than 5 million postal staff around the globe that should be able to reach nearly everyone on the planet.

Speaking about the new facility, the UPU’s Deputy Director General, Pascal Clivaz, said: “We are in a race to vaccinate the world. As one of the world’s largest networks, the international postal sector has the logistical capacity to reach every single community. This is why we see the sector as a vital partner in the COVID-19 vaccine response. It delivers to the world every single day.” 

The majority of postal operators around the world lack such cold supply and storage facilities capable of moving vaccines at temperatures as low as -70C to where they can be supplied to those in need. The Post4Health system will provide funding and equipment to those organisations in need. So far La Groupe La Poste and the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication have donated funds to the facility.

Commenting on Post4Health’s long term goals, the UPU’s Coordinator for Resource Mobilisation and Stakeholder Engagement, Olivier Boussard said, “We want to make sure that wherever possible the postal sector can help with vaccine distribution and build the capacity of Posts to deliver health products and health services beyond the Covid-19 vaccine distribution challenge.”

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