UPU – mail operators need to transform

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has said that it must transform postal services globally if they are to remain relevant in ever changing markets. Summing up the Universal Postal Congress over the last three weeks in Istanbul, the UPU’s Director General Bishar a Hussein said, “The message to us has been that the UPU must transform and the Post must be able to transform itself if we are to be relevant in the future.”

Some 2000 representatives of 155 countries’ postal operators participated in the UPU Congress where they discussed more than 450 proposals. Following on from the discussions, the delegates adopted the Istanbul World Postal Strategy that sets the course for the UPU’s work over the coming four years.

As the UPU explained it: “The strategy—based on integration, innovation and inclusion—strives to improve interoperability of postal network infrastructure, ensure sustainable and modern products, and foster market and sector functioning.”

The member countries adopted the Istanbul Business Plan, that will guide the implementation of the Istanbul World Postal Strategy through setting work proposals, targets as well as financials for carrying out the strategy’s goals.

The next host for the 27th Universal Postal Congress is to be the Cote d’Ivoire, and the Congress will meet in Abidjan.

In addition there will also be an extraordinary Congress in 2018 where member countries will debate issues left unresolved in the 26th Congress, including the reform of the UPU. This event is to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“We are en route to Abidjan with a stop-over in Addis Ababa. The course is set and our enthusiasm and dynamism remain untouched,” said UPU Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz.

During the Istanbul Congress, the UPU DG and Deputy DG were both re-elected for a further four-year mandate.
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