US Postal Service handles record postal ballot volumes

Record numbers of postal ballots have been sent through the US Postal Service (USPS) network ahead of the coming Presidential Election.

“With increased volume in both mail and packages and external challenges, mail is moving,” said Kristin Seaver, Chief Retail and Delivery Officer of the US Postal Service. “The Postal Service continues to implement extraordinary measures to advance and expedite the delivery of the nation’s ballots. These efforts include extra pick-ups, extra deliveries, and delivery units running regular collections on Sunday. From today through Sunday, local carriers will be stopping at and checking every residential mailbox for outbound mail, including ballots.”

The US Postal Service has handled more than 122 million ballot pieces and 4.5 billion political and election mail pieces in the run up to today’s polling day. The unusual spike in mail volumes has had an impact on overall efficiency however, with First Class Mail’s next day delivery rates falling to just over 80% as the postal operator focused its efforts on postal ballots.

“While our ongoing commitment is to maintain the highest level of service performance for all mail, we acknowledge that our full focus and prioritisation on election ballots is having a near-term impact on the overall on-time performance of other products throughout the network,” continued Seaver. “Additionally, we are actively engaging with our management teams and union leadership to ensure we have the right level of staffing and oversight given the increased impacts of COVID-19, and our unwavering commitment to keeping employees and customers safe.”

“In the final push through the election, our entire team remains laser focused on advancing ballots to local boards and election officials as quickly as possible,” said Seaver.