US Postal Service ready for peak season surge

US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said that after last year’s severe problems, the US Postal Service is ready for this coming peak delivery season.

The governing board met this week where the panel chair Ron Bloom said that the postal operator has added ‘dozens’ of package sorting machines and has the capacity to process another 4.5 million parcels daily. In addition the US Postal Service plans to take on 40,000 seasonal workers.

“Last year, for a variety of reasons, we were overwhelmed and were not able to meet the demands of the nation,” said DeJoy. “We are ready, so send us your packages and your mail, and we will deliver timely.”

Thanks to not being effectively prepared for the unusually high volumes in December 2020, the postal operator was only able to deliver 38% of non-local first class mail on time. National politicians were inundated with complaints from business and constituents alike about late arriving packages as well as essentials such as pay cheques, bills and medication.

Thanks to bills being late, the delays left many Americans paying late fees on credit cards and utility bills. At the same time, pharmacists warned their patients not to have their essential medication delivered by mail.

The backlogs were go great that some mail processing centres started to turn away incoming truckloads of mail and parcels thanks to having run out of space to store them and being unable to process at anything like the rate coming in.

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