US Postmaster General expresses faith in election mail handling

Trump appointee, US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has reiterated his faith in the integrity of the US Postal Service employees and expressed confidence in their commitment and readiness to handle the general election postal votes in the coming weeks.

“The more than 630,000 men and women of the U.S Postal Service are ready to fulfill on the sacred duty of delivering the nation’s Election Mail securely and timely,” said DeJoy. “The sanctity and security of the nation’s mail is a core value for all Postal Service employees, and that core value fully applies with Election Mail.  Anyone who suggests that Postal Service employees are anything but fully dedicated to the mission of delivering the nation’s Election Mail knows little about the passion and determination of the people who make the Postal Service work, in every corner of the country, every day.”

“From my executive team to the leadership of the Postal unions and management associations to every Postal employee, our number one priority for the next month is the election. We have the resources in place and every team in every facility across the country is focused on Election Mail. We will not waiver from our sacred duty,” said DeJoy.