USPS Connect pilot expands in Texas

The US Postal Service’s same-day and next day local delivery service USPS Connect pilot has added 115 new sites in the Dallas, Texas area.

The pilot began with seven sites across the Dallas-Fort Worth area in July. As the localised delivery business expands, more sites are to be added as operational practices are refined.

USPS Connect is a local business to business and business to customer, same-day and next-day delivery service that forms part of the Delivering for America 10-year strategic plan to generate as much as $24 billion a year in extra revenues.

When business customers enrol in the programme they can enter package information online and then take the parcels directly to the back dock of the USPS facility closest to the delivery destination. In return the businesses get delivery rates that are normally only available to large-volume shippers.

“This is the first time in the history of the organisation that we’ve piloted this type of process,” said Jakki Krage Strako, USPS chief commerce and business solutions officer and executive vice president. “We’re excited to offer affordable fast delivery options to help neighbourhood businesses meet consumer needs and grow.”