USPS Connect to roll out across USA

This week sees the nationwide launch of the US Postal Service’s USPS Connect that will offer businesses a same-day delivery service. Its core product, USPS Connect Local allows small businesses to have their parcels delivered the same day at a cheaper rate than through the other services.

The costs of delivery are similar to those that the US Postal Service charges big businesses for high volume delivery contracts. According to the postal operator, “It provides smaller businesses access to big business rates, and it includes a no-minimum Parcel Select package option and USPS Connect Local Mail option for companies seeking affordable flat-rate delivery of First-Class Mail flats within a local area.”

USPS Connect has been piloted in Texas over the last year, and was trialled as part of the Delivering for America 10 year strategic plan to achieve financial sustainability at the US postal operator.

New York City is to be among the first cities to see USPS Connect rolled out beyond Texas, with 3,400 districts nationwide offering the service by October 2022.

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