USPS pilots same-day service for SMEs

The US Postal Service has launched a pilot same-day delivery service in Texas called USPS Connect. The aim is to help businesses meet growing demand for affordable and fast local and regional deliveries as well as returns.

Aimed at SME customers, the USPS Connect service aims to offer big volume benefits to smaller customers. Business customers enrolled in the programme will be able to bring their packages to USPS facilities close to the packages’ final destinations. They will be offered rates that are generally only offered to large volume customers. As the service is refined, more locations will be added.

“USPS Connect Local will give businesses of all sizes direct access to our unmatched delivery network so packages can get on postal vehicles sooner and reach consumers more quickly. It’s unprecedented, and we’re excited to bring this offering to our customers — first in Texas, and then across the country once we demonstrate our readiness,” said Jakki Krage Strako, USPS chief commerce and business solutions officer.

“We are excited that the USPS Connect Local pilot is coming first to Dallas. It is another opportunity for us to help small businesses in our local community grow and succeed,” concluded Dallas Postmaster Yulonda Francis-Love.

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