USPS planning on hiring up to 45k temporary staff

One of the first national postal operators to make such an announcement, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has said that it is to hire between 35-40,000 seasonal workers for the upcoming peak holiday season.
On Friday the USPS released a statement saying that it has “already begun the process and is seeing good response around the country”.
Last year the postal operator hired almost 29,000 seasonal workers who performed the roles of mail handlers, retail associates, tractor trailer drivers as well as city carrier assistants.
In the statement the USPS said that, “where it makes sense”, it will “offer experienced employees additional work hours, as that can be more cost effective than training a new employee for a short timeframe”.
In addition the USPS said that it also looking to “recent retirees” to “come back and help deliver holiday cheer” because “they have virtually no learning curve, and can hit the ground running as they make some extra cash during the holidays”.
USPS is the first major postal operator to make such an announcement, and more will follow in the coming weeks. The peak season is a bumper time for delivery companies around the world and with the advent of e-commerce, there are huge flows of good passing through the system. That the USPS is planning on increasing its numbers of temporary workers by as much as 50% on last year is a signal that the postal operator believes that this year will be a very good one in terms of units passing through the system.

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