USPS potential for autonomous vehicles…

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to the US postal Service (USPS) has published a report identifying “seven distinct ways” that the USPS could utilise autonomous vehicle technology for both long-haul logistics and last mile deliveries.

While there may be some hurdles to full implementation, the OIG said, “now is the time for USPS to begin testing the technology and refining its transportation strategy for the future”.

The USPS oversight organisation said that applications might include “autonomous vehicles that assist carriers in delivering mail, a mobile parcel locker that is a complete departure from current delivery methods, and autonomous trucks that handle the transportation of mail on highways”.

The OIG added: “While none of the suggested use cases could be fully deployed today, it is worthwhile for the Postal Service to research and test the technology now so that USPS can be ready for the transportation network of the future.”

As the OIG noted, USPS has already started to test the technology and more developments are already in the pipeline.

The report by the USPS oversight organisation was published on Monday. This coincided with the US Senate Transportation Committee holding a hearing earlier this week discussing a new law that focuses on autonomous vehicles. The bill is called “American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies (AV START) Act”.
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