USPS response to negative PRC report

The national postal operator USPS has released a statement regarding a negative assessment of its operations by the Postal Regulatory Commission that was released yesterday.

According to the US PRC yesterday, “The most pointed critiques identified in this year’s ACD relate to service performance generally, and cost and service problems with flat-shaped mail (flats).”

The PRC continued: “The majority of products failed to meet service performance targets for FY 2015. In particular, service performance results for all First-Class Mail products did not meet their targets. The Commission determined that First-Class Mail Single-Piece Letters/Postcards were not in compliance in FY 2015, and directs the Postal Service to improve service performance and provide a comprehensive plan within 90 days.”

“In its FY 2014 ACD, the Commission issued directives to the Postal Service for products comprised of flats to improve service performance results during FY 2015 or explain why efforts to improve performance were ineffective and identify further planned changes to improve those results. This year’s review of flats shows results for these products remained substantially below their targets, and in all but one case, the performance results declined,” said the PRC .

In a statement released today the USPS, it argued that ““The Postal Service is committed to improving service and has deployed all available resources to achieve results and engage the public in its efforts.

“In January 2015, the Postal Service resumed implementation of its Network Rationalization initiative with the start of Phase 2.

“This second phase not only included facility consolidations, but also involved a one-time, fundamental shift in the operating window that was implemented at all mail processing sites across the entire country on the same day.

“To implement this phase of the initiative, the Postal Service was required to realign its processing complement work schedules.

“The effects of this change in the operating window had a much greater impact on service than was anticipated, but it was a one-time event that is not likely to be replicated.”