Verkkokauppa opens new pickup warehouse

Home shopping company Verkkokauppa has moved its pickup warehouse in Vantaa, Finland to a larger warehouse. This is in response to growing demand for click & collect services for large products from the company.

“In accordance with its strategy, the company is seeking growth in the coming years, and the move to the new premises in Voutila lays a solid foundation for this growth. Moving to modern and well-functioning premises was necessary in order to ensure that our product range can be developed systematically and that the customer experience remains at a high level,” says Panu Porkka, CEO at  

“Being able to create a quick and optimised service was important for us. We therefore prioritised speed in the planning of the new pickup warehouse. After the customer has paid for the product via the online store, they can immediately pick it up from the Posti warehouse. Being able to quickly buy and pick up a new home appliance is especially important in situations where an essential home appliance has stopped working. The replacement for a broken refrigerator can be bought on the website, and the new refrigerator can be picked up immediately from the Posti warehouse. Warehouse personnel will also assist customers in loading the purchases into their vehicles,” says Miika Heinonen, Logistics Director at Verkkokauppa.

The postal operator’s warehouse is open 363 days a year and acts as a physical store for Verkkokauppa and acts as an extension to the physical store. Thanks to the seasonality of online shopping, many e-commerce demands differ from season to season. As such the home retailer needs flexibility from warehouse premises and related services.

“Our goal is that, as Finnish companies, and Posti will offer easier, more diverse and more flexible delivery methods that meet the expectations of Finnish consumers. Our pickup warehouse is open seven days a week, almost every day of the year. In addition, we can deliver e-commerce parcels on the day the order was placed. We are also able to meet the needs of’s growth in terms of space,” says Jouko Lehtonen, Director, Contract Logistics at Posti. 


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