VisionTrack shows fleet drivers’ increase in speed limit breaches

New data from VisionTrack shows there has been a 2.61% increase in fleet and road transport drivers speeding during the UK lockdown period. This is despite a 22.6% reduction in the number of miles driven thanks to more people being at home and working from home.

The data from the video telematics specialist backs other motoring research and police figures. VisionTrack used, its latest generation IoT platform to analyse the data. It compared speeding and harsh driving events in February before the lockdown with those that occurred in April. Monthly speeding events grew from 53.09 per vehicle to 64.62, an increase of 21.72%. The distance between speeding events dropped from one every 30.70 miles to one every 23.15 miles, a decrease of 24.59%.

Harsh driving events excluding speeding dropped by 28.02% in April. This included a fall in harsh braking, harsh turning and harsh accelerating. This suggested that harsh drivers didn’t act so aggressively in what were far calmer and emptier roads.

Richard Lane, Commercial Director of VisionTrack commented: “These findings show that fleet and transport operations cannot lose focus or become complacent about the dangers of irresponsible and illegal driving. With less vehicles on the road there is a temptation to drive faster than normal, but there is still a high number of vulnerable road users that are particularly at risk. Businesses need to engage with their drivers to ensure they understand their responsibilities during the lockdown and are aware of the potential threat not only to life but also brand reputation.”


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