Volvo invests in container shipping game changer

Volvo Group Venture Capital has invested in a global container shipping marketplace called Adnavem.

Adnavem’s marketplace is designed to streamline the process of moving container loads of goods from A-B and aims to shift power from the transport seller to the buyer through increased transparency on prices, lead times, carbon dioxide emissions, and data on delivery precision. The platform’s success can be seen in its worldwide use and that investors are willingly flocking to fund its growth.

“Adnavem is the right kind of modern company, and we see great value in their new technique and innovative business model.  It is important for us to be close to the digital transformation taking place in transport and logistics around the world,” said Erik Johansson, Investment Director at Volvo Group Venture Capital.

Despite containerised shipping changing the face of global freight movements since the 1960s, the process of organising freight transport has changed little over the years. Co-founder and CEO Andreas Wramsmyr saw an opportunity to change this by directly linking the importer/exporter with the parties providing the services in the supply chain – effectively cutting out freight forwarders.

Wramsmyr said “Many industries have already used digitalization to eliminate the middlemen whose main task it is to broker services, and now it’s the turn of the transport and logistics sector. New technology is opening up new opportunities, and as companies place higher demands on sustainability and efficiency, a digitally-driven service like Adnavem creates that much more value.

Our customers are clearly indicating that they’re looking for new, more efficient ways of working, and they want to reap the rewards of digitalization. We are delighted to be able to offer smart algorithms that optimize each individual transport based on environmental perspective, price or lead time, while the process is controlled automatically for greater business value.”