Walgreens customers can order through UberEats app

US Walgreens customers can now order Walgreens products directly through the UberEats platform as the retail giant and same-day delivery giant expand their cooperation.

Until now, Walgreens customers ordered from the Walgreens app and website. Now they can have health and wellness, beauty and personal care, household essentials, over-the-counter medications, and more, from Walgreens delivered through Uber.

This on-demand delivery service is now available from over 7,800 stores across the mainland US, with the retailer’s Puerto Rico stores soon to follow. The aim in the medium term is to offer all 20,000 lines sold by Walgreens through the UberEats app.

“Walgreens provides our customers with seamless health and well-being experiences, and offering them convenient delivery solutions on whichever platform they prefer to shop is key,” said Stefanie Kruse, vice president, digital commerce and omnichannel at Walgreens. “Our collaboration with Uber for on-demand delivery through both Walgreens and Uber’s channels, as well as integrated vaccine scheduling, gives customers simple and easy ways to put their health and well-being needs at the forefront – which will continue to be important to them as we emerge from the pandemic.”

“By leveraging the best of what Walgreens and Uber have to offer we’re making it easier than ever for customers to prioritize their health and wellness,” said Raj Beri, Uber’s Head of Grocery Delivery. “From on-demand delivery of essentials to hassle-free vaccine scheduling all at the touch of a button, we’re focused on eliminating barriers that burden customers’ everyday life, helping them go anywhere and get anything instantly.”

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