Walmart Canada expands online grocery pickup service

Walmart Canada has expanded its online grocery pickup service to twelve Greater Toronto Area (GTA) stores.

The company said that customers can “choose a pickup time and location that is convenient for them”.

The statement added: “They then pull into a dedicated online grocery pickup parking spot, call a dedicated phone line and their order is brought outside and loaded into their vehicle in minutes.”

Walmart continued: “Trained, dedicated grocery shoppers have been hired at all participating locations to ensure items are carefully hand-picked and packaged with care.

“Starting today [3 February], grocery orders for pick up can be placed on . Customers can begin placing online orders today at six locations.

“The service will begin accepting online orders at six additional stores on February 18.

“The fee for online grocery pickup is $3 and customers are able to order up to 21 days in advance.”

Click and collect of groceries is not a new phenomenon in some countries yet is catching on slowly in Canada. Canada’s online e-commerce market seems to have been a bit slower to start than the US, and with its lower relative population and similar geographical area is harder to serve with a much lower population density. Even so Canadian citizens should readily take up this service where offered in cosmopolitan centres such as Toronto, Quebec Calgary and so forth.