Walmart+ hits 32 million US members

Walmart’s membership programme Walmart+, that has free grocery delivery as part of the deal, has now an estimated 32 million member customers in the US.

Deutsche Bank, that made the estimate, showed that 86% of those members also have Amazon Prime membership. They are in similar demographics to Amazon Prime members, with an average household income over $50,000 and 33% of whom have incomes of over $100,000.

Walmart+ was launched just a year ago yet the firm, which is the US biggest grocery chain, has been quiet about its success. It hasn’t released data about membership numbers or market penetration, which led to the Deutsche Bank independent survey and estimate.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Thursday at a virtual conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, “The worst thing we could do is to really aggressively market this, get a bunch of members that are disappointed because they can’t get a slot or they don’t get the right in-stock level or some other problem happens,” he said. “So the primary focus we have is on that quality of the experience, delivery of pickup, and that Net Promoter Score.”

As such McMillon said that the grocery and omnichannel giant is focusing on customer experience as opposed to pure numbers signing up. The theory of course is happy customers will continue with their membership.

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