Walmart launches GoLocal same-day delivery

US retail giant Walmart has launched a delivery service called GoLocal that will carry goods from other local retailers to customers.

The GoLocal service is to go live by the end of the year and the delivery fleet is to include newer technologies such as self-driving vehicles and drones.

“It’s about bringing the capabilities that we as Walmart have been laser-focused on building and connecting for our own customers to life for both local and national businesses,” Tom Ward, senior vice president of Last Mile for Walmart.

The GoLocal service is to be white-label and be without Walmart branding. It is to offer competitively priced shipping within two hours as well as a two-day delivery option. Gig economy workers, associates and other delivery companies will do the deliveries. The other companies will handle extra capacity during peak demand. Though FedEx and Walmart have an existing relationship, it hasn’t been said whether the logistics giant will be involved.

Walmart will however be using vehicles from the self-driving electric vehicle start-up Cruise as well as Google’s Waymo and delivery robot company Nuro. It will also use drone deliveries with vehicles from DroneUP, ZipLine and FlyTrex.

“What we’re excited about is that as we scale this, we’ve got all these different disruptive technologies that bring in the last mile work together at Walmart,” Ward said.

Amazon Logistics launched a similar service in 2018 but suspended it in June 2020. Walmart hopes the new technologies that are being used will give the business a strong chance of success.