Walmart to offer free NextDay to most of the US

Walmart is going head to head with Amazon by offering free NextDay delivery on a large number of SKUs at with no membership fee.

The news from Walmart comes as Amazon recently announced it would be cutting shipping times for Prime members (who will have paid around $200 a year for the privilege).

The new NextDay delivery service will firstly be available to Phoenix and Las Vegas customers. It will then reach southern California in the next few days and then reach out to around 75% of the US population by the end of 2019. It will reach 40 of the top 50 major U.S. metro areas.

Walmart’s NextDay delivery offers a stand-alone, curated shopping experience where customers can browse up to 220,000 of the items most frequently purchased, ranging from diapers and laundry detergent to toys and electronics, with more assortment to be added. It is available on eligible orders of $35 or more, with the specific assortment varying by customer location.

The company states on its website: “Our new NextDay delivery isn’t just great for customers, it also makes good business sense. Contrary to what you might think, it will cost us less – not more – to deliver orders the next day. That’s because eligible items come from a single fulfillment center located closest to the customer. This means the order ships in one box, or as few as possible, and it travels a shorter distance via inexpensive ground shipping. That’s in contrast to online orders that come in multiple boxes from multiple locations, which can be quite costly.

“We can offer fast, convenient shipping options because we’ve built a network of fulfillment assets that are strategically located across the U.S. We’ve also done extensive work to ensure we have the right products in the right fulfillment centers based on where customers are located and what they’re ordering.”


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